4 Duties and Responsibilities of an HOA Board in Killeen, Texas

4 Duties and Responsibilities of an HOA Board in Killeen, Texas

Being part of an HOA board is a great way to contribute to your community in Killeen, Texas. But do you know what the expectations are? If you're considering joining the board, you'll want to know what you're getting into.

Read on to learn about the four duties and responsibilities of an HOA board!

1. Handle Community Maintenance

Many HOA communities have common spaces or landscaping that will need ongoing upkeep. Entrance signs, green spaces, and clubhouses all are prime candidates for repairs and upgrades. Consequently, HOA board members will need to stay on top of this.

Hiring an HOA property manager in Killeen can be a great way to offset the pressure of ongoing maintenance tasks. They'll do the legwork for you to coordinate anything from pool cleaning to renovation projects.

2. Manage the Community Budget

One of the most critical HOA board member roles is budget management. HOA members could be paying hundreds of dollars each year, if not more. As a result, board members are responsible for using that money responsibly to keep the community looking its best.

It's important to go over accounting and budgets regularly. Budgetary duties may include communicating with external parties, like cleaning services or arborists. The HOA board member assigned to financial management will need to follow up on invoices and payments to ensure an accurate budget.

3. Oversee Community Events

HOA boards can help create community through events. Cookouts, block parties, movie nights, and other gatherings are great socialization opportunities for neighbors in Killeen. These also are good chances for people to meet HOA board members.

HOA board members will need to delegate responsibilities to ensure the event runs smoothly. This means coordinating vendors and promoting the event. Social media and traditional paper flyers posted in common areas can be the most effective way to do this.

These events give neighbors something to look forward to. And they can be a great way to build awareness of HOA meetings so more people attend.

4. Run Organized Meetings

Finally, as an HOA board member, you'll need to run meetings that address all necessary items in an organized manner. You'll want to set clear agendas and time limits to ensure that everything is addressed.

You'll also want to advertise open meetings to your HOA community. As part of your HOA meeting agenda, consider allocating space for community members to ask questions or express opinions. After all, they'll want to know how their fees are being used.

Better yet, giving community members a voice can lead to creative or practical ideas that can serve the community well. Create committees for event planning or gardening, for instance, so your neighbors can get involved!

Join an HOA Board

An HOA board can help a community thrive. Board members will be responsible for community maintenance and budget management. They'll also spearhead events and meetings that can build community connections.

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