How to Go About Rental Property Inspections in Your Killeen HOA

How to Go About Rental Property Inspections in Your Killeen HOA

If you have happy residents in your Killeen HOA, you can look forward to residents renewing their leases. They'll also be more likely to play their part alongside HOA managers in helping the community thrive.

But if homes fall into disrepair, this can lead to problems. There could be health and safety hazards, and properties could start to look unsightly.

This is why carrying out rental property inspections is crucial. You can help keep HOA homes in excellent condition by catching any issues early.

Let's learn how to carry out thorough rental inspections.

Schedule an Inspection in Advance

It's important that tenants feel like they are part of the inspection process, and they're unlikely to appreciate you turning up unannounced. By scheduling an appointment in advance, you can allow renters to be present during your review.

This approach also gives people time to check the HOA rules and ensure they comply. However, if a tenant refuses to be present, you should refer them to your HOA regulations. This will detail what will happen in these circumstances.

Create an Inspection Checklist

Creating and following an inspection checklist will reduce the chances of you forgetting to check parts of the home. For example, you'll want to make sure that smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are in working order. It's also vital to check for signs of dampness.

Additionally, scrutinizing the outside of the property is crucial, as you might find there are broken roof tiles or crumbling brickwork. You can use software such as Microsoft Excel to make a simple, but detailed checklist and refer to it throughout your audit.

Take Photos

Taking photos can help you avoid any disputes at a later date. Should a tenant challenge any part of your inspection, you'll have photographic evidence to support your claim.

This can also be useful as you can show the particular HOA living conditions to contractors. This will make it easier for them to judge how long it will take to carry out any required repairs.

Just remember to clean your phone's camera lens beforehand and to take pictures from multiple angles.

Prepare an Inspection Report

The HOA management process should be transparent, and you can provide an inspection report to the HOA homeowner, their tenant, and the HOA board. This ensures that all parties are aware of the current situation and the steps needed to rectify any issues.

Should a tenant appeal your report, they can point out which parts they feel are incorrect, and which elements they concede are fair.

PMI Phantom Realty Conduct Professional Rental Property Inspections

It's vital to carry out rental property inspections in the right manner. By having the homeowner present and following a checklist, you can ensure all parties are satisfied your inspection has been professional.

At PMI Phantom Realty, we understand conducting rental inspections can be challenging. Our family-operated expert team can do this on your behalf so you know your properties are being looked after.

Ensure peace of mind with our expert rental inspections. Contact us today to learn how we can help keep your properties in top condition.